FirstTimeFurnishings - Drop Shipping Program

Drop Shipping is the method of retail merchandising which allows business owners to sell products without first purchasing and stocking the items they sell. In other words, you can display our products, either in your shop, on your website or on a mail-order catalog, without needing any inventory.

Our process?

  1. You'll need to join our drop shipping program by filling in and returning the dropshippingapplication form
  2. Once assessed and accepted, FirstTimeFurnishings will provide you with all POS and sales information for each product. This will include descriptions, prices, images and POS collateral
  3. You sell our products through your own channels
  4. You set your own prices.
  5. When a sale is made you complete the FirstTimeFurnishings PO (Purchase order) and send it to the email provided
  6. FirstTimeFurnishings send you an invoice for the products you have sold
  7. You pay the invoice via BACS or phone order
  8. FirstTimeFurnishings delivers to the product to your customer
  9. The difference between your buying price and your selling price is your profit.
  10. You have complete ownership and are responsible of the product and FirstTimeFurnishings takes care of fulfillment

What are the benefits?

  1. Delivery contains no advertising, brochure or marks that identify us
  2. You can diversify your sales significantly with our 600+ references in modern design furniture pieces
  3. Strong quality control at the factory gates. Expect the best only
  4. Dedicated after sales service with 1 years guarantee on all products
  5. Best prices up to 20% cheaper compared to traditional wholesalers
  6. Personal account with a dedicated account manager
  7. Free delivery to United Kingdom

Apply for a drop shipping account

To apply for a drop shipping account, please complete the contact form below and provide the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. You contact number
  3. Your email address
  4. Your web address
  5. Your Social Media selling channels (optional)
  6. How do you plan to sell our products
Please provide as much information as possible. The more information you provide the faster we can review and respond to your application

*Required Field